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In today’s world, information is key. VehicleFacts provides clients with live market related information pertaining to a vehicle that they are selling or buying.

The traditional “book” value of the vehicle has been incorrectly accepted as the retail value for a vehicle, however, the true value of the vehicle is determined by the prevailing market conditions at the time of sale. The live market values, therefore, become the most relevant value for the vehicle.

VehicleFacts minimises the risk of trading in stolen or cloned vehicles by enabling Dealerships to validate the original identity of any vehicle. In-depth training gives the Dealership the ability verify the risk status and legitimacy of a vehicle.

Trading / purchasing a car privately? Use one of our inspection hubs or Dealership partners to validate the original identity of the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloned vehicle?

A vehicle is cloned in many nefarious ways and often relates to the use of scrapped or salvaged vehicles to hide the identity of a stolen vehicle.

How do I protect myself from purchasing a stolen/cloned/suspect vehicle?

Dealing with reputable Dealerships and performing your due diligence by requesting proof from the seller that the vehicles’ microdots match the VIN.

What are microdots?

Any vehicle manufactured post-2014 has thousands of tiny dots fitted over the whole car. These dots are linked to the VIN and can show the real identity of a vehicle.

Who can check a vehicle to confirm its’ real identity?

Certified Inspection hubs, Dealerships and Police Clearance facilities all over RSA can check this – contact us with your address for a facility near you.

What is a VehicleFacts Real Time Report?

A VehicleFacts Report gives you the market value for a vehicle retailing in South Africa. A range of values will be supplied based on the vehicle mileage.

How accurate is the information on the VehicleFacts Real Time Report?

The accuracy is dependent on the make and model of the vehicle combined with the frequency at which it is traded. The information is then filtered through algorithms to remove inconsistencies.

Is there more information about VehicleFacts products and where I can get them?

Please enter your details on the contact page and our team will get hold of you.

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