Validate a vehicle's identity

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Online information pertaining to a vehicle is provided, such as; RSA homologation standards, insurance and police interest, constituting an overall risk profile. Training and support are available to all Dealerships on how to inspect, uncover and confirm a vehicle’s identity.

VF Quick Check provides Protection: Online Risk Status of a vehicle within seconds! Datasets linked to the insurance industry, police, private security sector and more.

VF Release provides Protection: Risk Status following a physical inspection.

2nd Hand Goods Act

VF Certificate provides Compliance: Dealerships active in receiving and/or selling 2nd hand vehicles must record the microdot number of the vehicle being traded.

VF Parts provides Compliance and Protection: Confirm 2nd Hand Parts are clear of police or insurance interest. Microdot your parts to protect your brand.



Click the register button and fill in the online form to register your dealership.


Once the dealership has been registered and verified then you can log in to do an enquiry.

Avoid Scams

Check electronic / paperback information provided matches information on the vehicle.

Product Information

VF Quick Check
Digital risk profile pertaining to a vehicle

VF Certificate & Release
Physical verification of a vehicle
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VF Microdot Status
Homologation standards & vehicle information

VF Report
Real-time retail valuation & vehicle information

VF Drive
Driving licence decryption and authentication
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VF Parts
Asset Identification & Verification

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