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NEW - VF Quick Check

VehicleFacts Quick Check is available as both a web-based app and as an API.

This online system enables you to capture vehicle information and search various data sources as to whether there are any anomalies linked to the data presented!

You will receive a green, amber or red result within seconds!

Upon receiving an amber or red result the vehicle information you provided will be doubled checked by an investigative team as to why the result was achieved. Further information as well as any changes to that record will be communicated to you within an hour.


  • Police interest
  • Suspected clones
  • Vehicles on High Alert
  • Make & Model variants

Pricing information available on the registration page

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VF Certificate & Release -See video for processVehicleFacts Certificate is a web-based app used to verify and match a vehicle’s identity using the microdot. This service is only available to registered users.

Selection of this service upon registration of your Dealership would require training on the physical extraction of microdots from specified locations on a vehicle and how to check the information against the motor vehicle’s VIN details. Further to this, training on an inspection questionnaire using other standard vehicle identifiers will be completed to determine if there is a probability that the vehicle presented may be a clone.

With reference to Government Gazette, Vol 526 1st April 2009, No. 32087 and enforcement of the Second Hand Goods Act ( Motor Vehicles, Chapter 5, Page 22, Section 24, Subsection 2 d.) VehicleFacts will assist you in streamlining your process within your dealership and minimise the cost to you upon completion of this form.

VF Drive – See video for client experience

VehicleFacts drive is a web-based app used to capture and match a person’s identity using facial recognition technology. This tool has been designed to register a prospective client for a test drive and or confirm the validity of their driver’s license while also limiting the number of documents to be manually completed.

The product has been designed to:

  • capture the details of the vehicle for a test drive or any company vehicle movement.
  • link to the client whose details are registered and authenticated. Assist in the authentication of an individual’s driver’s license.
  • If required, Geo-locate the place where the meeting took place.
  • Purchase of this product will also give access to a registry of the clients and vehicles details, all date and time logged, that have been uploaded using this tool for a month or the contracted period.

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