Why Microdots Help


Microdots give vehicles their own DNA enabling Users to authenticate vehicles before money is exchanged.

Thieves are wary of motor vehicles fitted with a microdot system because they know that the vehicle – or any part of it – can be identified through the thousands of tiny dots that cover the vehicle.

In terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, all vehicles manufactured or imported since September 2012 must have at least 10 000 microdots. Vehicles needing a police clearance are also required to be microdotted as per the above legislation.

In addition, the Second-Hand Goods Act requires the recording of microdot information on a Second-Hand Goods register by a Dealer when trading in used vehicles.

It is up to the client to purchase a used vehicle to request proof that the vehicle has been authenticated. The vehicle is authenticated when the Microdot PIN details match the VIN details on the vehicle, through a physical inspection.

  1. The ways in which Microdots help when trading in used vehicles:
    Enables the User to establish the original identity of the vehicle by matching the PIN on the microdot to the VIN number of the vehicle.
  2. Enables compliance with the Second-Hand Goods Act.
  3. Gives the User a cost-effective option to check the validity of the vehicle.
  4. Safeguard the User against the risk of trading in cloned and/or stolen vehicles.
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